Mayne de Beauregard Bergerac White 750 ml


A refreshing dry white wine from the beautiful Bergerac region with flavours of citrus and peach and a moreish finish.

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Product information
Mayne de Beauregard Bergerac White
Vintage: 2018
PAIRINGS:Serve lightly chilled and enjoy it with a range of foods from fish and shellfish, chicken in sauce or white cheeses
About this bottle: Made with early-ripened Sauvignon Blanc grapes for fresh aromas and mature Semillon grapes for richness and balance of flavours.
Grape Variety: 50% Sauvignon Blanc, 50% Semillon
Country of origin: France
Region: Bergerac
More information
Bottle size: 750 ml
Alcohol content: 12 %
Alcohol units per bottle: 9
Alcohol units per serving: 1.5
Serving Size: 125 ml
Allergens: Sulphites
Stopper type: Screw cap
Consume Within: 12 months of purchase
Bottling address: Emb 33242A at Les Leves, Goironde, France